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I offer beautiful, dynamic and fun Central Coast dance photography up and down ‘the coast’ for dancers.

I actually studied dance for a couple of years while doing theatre at university. I was never any good at it, but I know how hard it is and also how beautiful and dynamic it can be.

These professional photos can be used for your dance portfolio and for content creation for your social media profiles. Or just used to show how awesome you are!

Shoot details

All Central Coast dance photography sessions are done outdoors on location. Either in an urban environment (city streets, alley ways etc) or somewhere beautiful and epic (mountain tops, cliffs, waterfalls, forests etc). I have lots of locations I would love to shoot at and I am happy to hear your ideas as well.

Photography is all about light. So the best time for dance photos is at sunset. The light is much softer, golden and more beautiful. The worst time for photos is in the middle of the day. The light is flat, harsh and unflattering. I generally try to schedule the shoot so it finishes once the sun has set.

Please practice and come ready with some of your signature dance moves, positions, leaps and jumps. We don’t need choreographed routines, just dynamic poses. Think Arabesque, Developpe, Grand Jete, Peneche etc.

Dancers under 18 must be accompanied by a parent/guardian, but it’s a good idea just to bring someone else along to help carry bags, clothes, water etc.

To make it more affordable, you may do the shoot with friends to reduce the cost each of you pays.

What to wear for your dance shoot?

Bring a bunch of outfits and we can decide on the day what suits the location best.

Firstly bring your standard dance attire or dancewear. As this shows your lines and form when you dance. So basic black leotard, skirts, tutu, dance pants, dance shorts, tops, pointe shoes and dance shoes etc.

Then bring along something more contemporary and modern. As this can look great as well. Like short denim shorts, big woollen jumper, hoodies, activewear, sneakers. Whatever you like as long as you look great in it and you can move in it.

If you are looking for Central Coast dance photography, please have a look through our images at the top of the page and get in contact with us of you would like to book a session.