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Epic wedding photography for fun-loving, adventurous couples.

Hi there and thanks for stopping by and visiting my little site. My name is Adam Cavanagh and I am an Australian wedding, elopement and portrait photographer! I am currently based on the northern end of the Central Coast of New South Wales with my gorgeous family! Wife, two little girls and a dog. I do all of the photography, my wife Kim runs the business side of things and does all client correspondence. And our two little kids and dog just cause trouble. 

We still run a very successful wedding photography business called Cavanagh Photography. You can check out my Newcastle & Hunter Valley wedding photography website. We currently shoot around fifty plus weddings a year. On this website, I would like to include all of my other photography work as well. I love weddings, but I also love all types and styles of photography.

I specialise in epically awesome photography in a really relaxed, fun and candid style. Weddings and elopement are what we do the most of. And we do a tonne of these. But we also love family photography, beautiful maternity photography and also dance photography.

Australian wedding photographer
Wedding photographer Adam Cavanagh

Wedding & Portrait Photographer Australia

Photography has taken me all over Australia and even a few overseas destinations. But as an Australian wedding photographer, I love to photograph weddings anywhere and everywhere in Australia. But I am drawn more the more natural outdoor settings for my wedding photography. I love country weddings, mountain weddings, forest weddings and beach & coastal weddings. Anything outdoors and in nature. I love capturing couples in beautiful landscapes. Photos that highlight the scenery and their unique relationship and personalities as well. And I love photographing these weddings and elopements at sunset during the golden hour. This time of day is when the light is soft and golden. It is the best time of day for photography and the best time of day for wedding and portrait photography.

Wedding Photographer Australia

Epic wedding photography for fun-loving, adventurous couples.

Australian Wedding Photography

Australia is such a huge country and these are just so many destinations on my bucket list of places I want to photograph. Every state of Australia has dozens of locations that I would love to photograph weddings and elopements at. I am based in NSW but I do love to travel instate for weddings and elopements as well. As an Australian wedding photographer, I have photographed weddings and elopement in just about every state of Australia. And if you asked me what my favourite wedding location is, I would have to say that it is anywhere I haven’t photographed a wedding at yet. I love variety and new locations and sceneries. New destinations are exciting and really get your creative juices flowing. As a general rule for interstate weddings, I will arrive a day or two before the wedding to scout out the venue and locations. That way, on the day of the wedding or elopement, I am totally familiar with everything

Candid wedding & portrait photography that is meaningful, beautiful and unposed.

Approach to Wedding & Elopement Photography

If you are looking for an Australian wedding photographer for your wedding it is important to choose a photographer whose style and approach to weddings and elopements matches yours. Photographers all have different shooting styles. Some will get beautiful photos by posing their couples in the perfect position. Others will set up multiple lights to create perfect light on the couple. And others will shoot more candidly to capture natural expressions and real personalities… and this is what I do.

My goal is to capture your real personalities and get real natural expressions from you. Therefore I don’t pose you at all. I specialise in getting natural, meaningful and fun images from couples. Most of my couples feel they are a bit awkward in photos. And this is great. I love awkward couples and couples that are a bit camera shy. I shoot the day really candidly so that you can just be yourselves. Once you relax and have fun, then you will get those natural expressions and moments.

I want your wedding or elopement to be a relaxed and amazingly fun day. So I don’t dictate the day, or interfere with anything and I don’t set up moments or get you to pretend to do anything. I want the photos to be totally authentic to you and of your day.

As an Australian wedding photographer, I have photographed hundreds of weddings all over Australia. After ten years of photographing weddings, I have pretty much seen it all. I have shot weddings in every type of weather condition and in all types of lighting scenarios. Nothing stresses me out at weddings… except maybe driving in city traffic. My goal is to capture all the emotions of the day. The tears as you say your personal vows. The nervousness as you prepare to get married. The static joy after you are officially married. And the craziness of the party and celebration.


Family Photography

Family sessions are based on fun and play so you get natural photos of your family.

australian wedding photographer


Wedding Photography

Wedding photography is candid, relaxed and fun so you can enjoy your day without posing.


Maternity Photography

Maternity photography that is beautiful, timeless natural.

Family & Maternity Photography

Fun and playful family photography

Portrait & Family Photographer

I offer beautiful and professional portrait, maternity & family photography. Since starting a family of our own, I really know how important good professional photos of your family are. Although phones are getting better for photography, they are just not good enough for lifelong images of your family.

Regularly professional family portrait sessions are really important. I recommend that families get a session at least once per year. Your children grow up so quickly and change so much. Get the photos, not just for yourselves, but also for your kids. Kids love to see photos of the full family, not just them.

All sessions are relaxed, natural and most importantly… really fun! I see my job not only as a photographer but as someone who can make the whole experience relaxed and fun. 

“When a person or family is relaxed and having fun, then the photos will be natural and beautiful.”

All my shoots are done outdoors on location. I have lights and strobes, but I much prefer the look of natural light. I find the images look more real and natural and less like a studio shoot. So to ensure I shoot in the nicest light, all sessions need to be done either early morning or later in the afternoon. This is because the middle of the day is the worst time for outdoor photos, as the light is harsh and unflattering.

Australian engagement photography

Engagement Photography

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Portrait Photography

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central coast dance photography

Dance Photography

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Australian Wedding & Elopement photographer

Elopement & Wedding Photography Australia

I offer professional portrait photography because that is what I love to photograph. When I first started out on this crazy photography journey I photographed everything. Landscapes, buildings, objects, abstracts and just stuff. But I was never really happy with the photos. I would be photographing a beautiful landscape at sunset. The light and everything was perfect but I always thought something was missing. And the one thing I always thought was that the photo needed someone in it. A person or people. I love portraiture.

I love capturing peoples personalities in photos and also people in beautiful landscapes. I like to get up close and get facial expressions and I like to go far away and capture whole the scene and the landscape.

There is no such thing as the perfect wedding. And couples shouldn’t strive for a perfect wedding. There is absolute perfection in the imperfect. Don’t get caught up in the little things and don’t try to get every tiny little detail absolutely perfect, because you will surely be disappointed. Nothing ever goes 100% to plan on a wedding day. And that is fine. The only thing that matters is that you are in love and getting married. Embrace the weather, enjoy the entire day and celebrate.

Have a browse through my portfolio and check out some of some recent wedding and portrait photography that I have done. And I always say, that if you can imagine yourselves in the photos on this website, then please get in contact.

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